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Who Gets What, When?

If you need to update your estate planning, take a look at this Raymond James piece first.
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A Guide To Your Comprehensive Statement

This detailed statement helps you review your portfolio's progress toward your goals offers important information about your accounts....
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Five Considerations for Your Social Security Strategy

As you prepare to start claiming benefits, be sure to ask yourself these questions. In 2018, about 63...
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Medicare Premiums and Copayments

More than one-half of working Americans know little or nothing about Medicare costs.1 Not knowing can be expensive....
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Should You Consider a Pet Trust?

The name may evoke stories of heirs and heiresses setting aside enormous sums for their pets, but these...
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Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Retirement and Social Security are inextricably linked. Not only did Social Security help establish the official U.S. retirement...
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