Which Stocks Do You Own?

While I believe strongly that using low-cost ETFs and mutual funds is a better strategy than picking individual stocks, I will admit it’s not as much fun for our clients.  When you own an individual stock, for example, it’s fun to hear that the company might have made a major announcement and the stock price is possibly up 17% that day. 

However, I do have a way for you to see which stocks are owned within your mutual funds and ETFs.  Go to Yahoo Finance and enter the ticker symbol of your fund in the “Quote Lookup” box.  Then, click on the “Holdings” tab.  Just scroll down to the bottom, and you can see the top 10 holdings in that fund by percentage.  It’s also interesting to take a look at how much cash is being held in that fund. For example, high cash being held in the fund can mean that the fund manager sees potential for a market pullback and buying opportunity in the future.



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