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There are many different approaches to providing financial advice.  It’s important to evaluate how your values and needs match with your advisor. 

Who We Work With

Below is a breakdown of how we work with clients in different situations and life stages:

People in Pre-retirement– There can be uneasiness during this time as you seek to answer a lot of the “am I on track” and “have I thought about that” questions.  We have found that clients see great value in having a partner to guide them during this time.  We work with new clients in this age range with at least $250,000 to invest with us.

Retirees and their Families– Early in retirement, especially can be a big adjustment.  The adjustment applies not only to your income but to a major change in lifestyle.  Our approach seeks to address both. We work with new clients in this age range with at least $500,000 to invest with us.

Women Investors– Our office is sensitive to the needs of women investors, especially those in a life transition such as being widowed or divorced.


We Work With Clients Who Value:


Part of trust is working with an advisor who doesn’t complicate things for their own benefit. We feel that our clients deserve simplicity and clarity.


Significant knowledge and experience in our areas of advice and service. Access to and use of other professionals with complementary skills.


Having genuine concern for our clients leads to thoughtful recommendations and high-quality service.


A culture of friendliness and light-hearted delivery of a serious service. We aim to be the “Approachable Advisor”.


Every day, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and community members.

A Quarterback:

A true “go-to” person who can help you manage the complexities of your financial life.


Wheeler Financial is transparent about fees and will not recommend investments that pay commission.

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