Creating a Financial Plan to Support Your Life’s Adventures

Wheeler Financial serves as your partner to assist in managing the complexities of your financial life.  We take great pride in approaching your financial plan holistically in order to develop a plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations now and in the future.

Our Process

Financial planning, with an effective and easy to follow plan, is valuable in preparing for your life’s adventures. Whether you are nearing retirement, sending your first born to college, or simply planning to meet your future goals, Wheeler Financial guides its clients through its LIVE Financial Planning Process.

Meeting your financial goals doesn’t happen by accident.  Our process is data-driven yet easy to understand, and our clients find that our process produces the clarity they need as they seek to achieve their goals.

How Behavioral Finance Makes Us Different

At Wheeler Financial, we place an emphasis on the “human side” of investing and financial management:

  • We believe that in the absence of good data, emotions tend to take over financial decision-making. Making an important financial decision based primarily on emotion can lead to a bad result. Our “On- Purpose Method™” helps you make good, sound, data-driven decisions.
  • We truly look at the whole picture. This includes advice on everything from “Should I give money to my kids?” to “What age should I start taking social security?” or assisting with car-buying decisions and so on. We don’t just provide general advice, we get to know you and understand your whole financial picture so we can be thoughtful about providing solutions and strategies in an effort to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • We help you consider your financial “leaks.” We have a process for helping determine whether certain expenditures are really meeting your needs.

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Interested in Developing a Financial Plan?

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