A Look Inside Wheeler Financial

Wheeler Financial, founded in 2007, carries on its legacy of delivering a transparent and friendly approach to wealth management. With more than 12,000 registered financial advisors in the US, uniquely differentiating a financial services firm is challenging.  For Wheeler Financial, it isn’t about competing with other financial advisors, it’s about building a long-term relationship with clients and making a positive difference in their lives.  A recent interview with Jay Wheeler, President, Wheeler Financial, highlighted the practice, its history, and its path to success. 

“My Dad was a Financial Advisor for 30 years. I grew up around the business, and I always found it interesting. I tinkered around with stock investing early on with extra money earned as a bartender in college.  I met with my Dad’s former firm in 2003 but decided not to pursue it for a few reasons. First, it is challenging for individuals to entrust their money to someone in their 20s which is where I was at the time.  More importantly, I had a passion for building and a desire to own my own business.  I gained valuable experience in those years.  When I revisited the idea of entering this business in 2010, the industry had evolved, with financial planning moving to the forefront.  The emphasis on financial planning fueled my passion for learning the business, and I eventually assumed the leadership role at Wheeler Financial in 2016,” commented Jay.

Learning any business is a journey, especially building a stable business based on trust and value. “As I worked with peers through Strategic Coach, I understood the importance of how clarity builds confidence, and I approach my role as a hybrid of investor and teacher,” comments Jay. “I am grateful to be surrounded by an incredible team of talented individuals who share these values and contribute tirelessly to the success of our firm.”

When asked about his investment strategy, Jay shared a relatable approach that speaks to the human side of investing.  “We aren’t afraid to listen with empathy and facilitate discussions around the emotional side of investing. Our clients move through various life stages, facing different emotions with each transition.  It’s important to acknowledge the emotions first so that it doesn’t cloud financial and investment decisions. We then present information so that our clients can make data-driven decisions,” said Jay.  As the industry continues to adapt to the evolving economic climates, understanding behavioral finance becomes key to understanding the goals of clients, not just today but in the future.

Often referred to as the Approachable Advisors, Wheeler Financial provides the most value for people in their mid-40s and beyond who are delegators and want a quarterback for the overall financial situation.  Wheeler Financial assists young clients who have more than $100,000 in investable assets, and for those approaching retirement, clients generally have $500,000 or more to invest. “We work well with people who want to participate in financial planning to try and get the most out of life. Our clients are engaged in the discussion not just at the onset of the relationship. While we manage the investments, we challenge our clients to take control of their finances so they can live their best life,” said Wheeler.

When asked what drives him forward, he says, “I am reminded of my father’s words from my childhood. He would say ‘Just be of value, and you will be successful.’  I think he nailed it.  The beauty of the American financial system is that it often rewards businesses who help people.”  Success for Wheeler is the ability to provide value, be transparent, and build relationships. “We want clients to come to Wheeler not just for a great investment strategy but to develop a plan to compliment the lifestyle they want to achieve.”

After more than 13 years in business, Wheeler Financial continues to build on its reputation as a leading financial planner.  For more information on the investment process and financial planning, contact Jay Wheeler at jay.wheeler@raymondjames.com.