Money Monday!

An Under-Rated Financial Move

Pick up the phone and call your accountant for an end of year review. So many people miss the opportunity to speak with their accountant during the tax year when they can actually do something to affect their tax situation. Most people wait until the following spring to prepare their taxes when they are limited as to what we can do.

I’m including this link to a nice Raymond James article about things to be thinking about money-wise as we head down the home stretch of 2020.

End-of-Year Giving

We find the end of each year creates many opportunities for giving. You may find yourself in a situation where charitable giving could help lower your taxes, or maybe you may have a friend or family member that could use your help. I really like this article for the way it summarizes giving options.  Take a look:

Market Movers

While volatility is an important thing to accept as a stock investor, we don’t always need to be surprised by it.  Sometimes market volatility comes out of the blue, but I thought it would be helpful to isolate a few key areas that could cause the market to move over the next several months.

  1. The Georgia Senate runoff election – It’s going to be close… very close. At stake is much of President-Elect Biden’s legislative agenda.  Expect the market to fluctuate up to and through this election.
  2. Covid-19 surge & government stimulus – Covid-19 numbers are increasing nationwide, and there is an expectation this will continue to happen. This is likely to slow the economy. How much remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see how the market responds to a government stimulus package.
  3. Stocks may be getting expensive – Technical analysis shows this hot stock rally may be getting a little over-done. This doesn’t necessarily suggest reducing stocks, but it does mean earnings and other news will have the potential to move the market even more.

While market volatility is a reality in investing, our On Purpose Method™ helps clients identify the money they need for different goals in their life and manage their near-term funds separately from the elevated risk of their long-term funds. The end result is often clients are able to take a step back from the uncomfortable emotions that come with market volatility.

If managing your money has been stressful for you this year or if you are not sure if you are on track for your goals, please reach out to us.

On this Day in History

Last Friday, 42 years ago, one of the greatest thefts in American history took place.  Click below to read this article on the infamous “Lufthansa Heist.”

On the subject of heists, here’s an article by Business Insider on the 15 biggest thefts of all time–2

It’s amazing what people will do for money.  Let’s just stick to solid financial planning and a diversified, purpose-based investment plan. That has worked out pretty well in the past.





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