The Value of a Solid Investment Process

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” -Mike Tyson

2020 has been a “punch in the mouth” for many of us, and it’s not over yet.  This makes it that much more important to stick with your investment plan. 

Do I think there could be volatility in the stock market?  Absolutely.  I nearly always feel that way.  For this reason, we are selective about where the risk lies in your portfolio.  Our investment process is “Purpose Based” which simply means that any money you will need within the next 10 years is put in traditionally less risky investments like bonds and cash.  (the time period of 10 years may be longer or shorter depending on your risk tolerance.)  After we have covered 10 years’ worth of the money you will need with bonds + your expected dividends and interest…  we buy stock.  One of the harsh truths of investing is that the higher risk of stock has led to higher returns in comparison to bonds and cash for long-term investors. So, for anyone considering significantly reducing their stock allocation, ask yourself… “Do I think stocks will recover from this within 10 years?”

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