Money Monday!

The Battle of Buffets.

With summer in full swing, you’ll find Jimmy on the radio at our house, but it’s Warren’s wisdom that
has certainly guided me at work over the years. I’m a big fan of both! In this week’s blog, I’m focusing
on my two favorite Buffets.

Click below to see if you can figure out whether it was Warren or Jimmy who was responsible for each of
these 17 quotes:

Jimmy is quite wealthy, himself. Click below for more about how was Jimmy, not Warren, that was listed as an investor when successful eyeglass company Warby Parker went public.

Investor comparison: Do you like to invest more like Warren or Jimmy? This article will help you answer that question:

While they refer to each other as “Uncle Warren” and “Cousin Jimmy,” many people want to know if the two are related. So, the pair took 23 and Me DNA test to find out. Click below to learn about their findings: