Money Monday!

Control What You Can. 

It is my opinion that many people spend too much time talking about the stock market and not enough time managing the things they can actually control in their financial life. One of those controllables can often be one’s physical health.

Maintaining good health can help make your financial plan more successful. Staying healthy can lower your medical costs and allow you to physically enjoy the experiences you’ve been saving for and anticipating for so long.  There have been many different trends in the area of health, and something called biohacking is one of the latest areas of focus for those looking for healthier, better lives. 

Biohacking describes the use of a blend of wellness, technology and science in an effort to slow our aging and improve the function of our bodies and brains.  I’ve included a very interesting article which talks about some of the ways people are using DNA clues and playing to their genetic strengths for a better life experience.  Enjoy the article and happy hacking!

For more, take this easy Biological Age Quiz to see how your choices are affecting the way you age.