Money Monday!

We’ve gotten a reminder over the past year there are certain things we can control in our financial lives and certain things we can’t. With that in mind, I will continue sending tips for some things you can control to have an organized, efficient and enjoyable financial life. Here are two:

Sewer Line Insurance

Many of us have seen the truck digging up the yard down the street and thought “Wow, I hope that doesn’t happen to me.”  Truth is, it’s not expensive to get coverage in case this does happen to you. Here’s an article of some things to consider around sewer line insurance:

Umbrella Insurance

The question we get a lot from clients is, “should I get umbrella insurance?”  My opinion is that it’s often a good idea.  My Dad has a saying that goes “Don’t risk a lot for little,” and this applies here.  The likelihood of having an event that would qualify for umbrella insurance coverage is very low, but these types of events can be extremely expensive. Umbrella insurance tends to be relatively inexpensive. According to Investopedia, The Insurance Information Institute estimates the cost of a $1 million policy will be about $150 – $300 per year. The next million in coverage averages an additional $75 per year or so.  See the article below for more things to think about regarding umbrella insurance.