Money Monday!


I find it interesting to ponder the things that have high monetary value in our culture.  For example, according to, famous ring announcer Michael Buffer is paid a stunning $25,000 to $100,000 every time he utters his iconic phrase.

Whether or not you feel it’s worth it to pay him that, there is clearly a demand for his services which causes his clients to pay more. Have you ever thought about your own “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble?” In other words, what are the things you are willing to pay a premium for in life because you value them? I’d suggest you take some time to list each of these things.  You may find it enlightening to ask yourself why you value these things and notice any common themes around each of them.

… As importantly… what are the things that you are overpaying for that aren’t worth it? List those, too, and see if it’s worth taking action on addressing them.




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