Money Monday!

What do Cool Ranch Doritos have to do with Retirement Planning?

While shopping with the kids recently, I noticed a bag of Cool Ranch Potato Chips.   Yes, potato chips. The makers of Cool Ranch Doritos have quite successfully applied their deliciously famous seasoning to another snack… Lay’s Potato Chips…and they are delicious.

What is something you are really good at that you could apply elsewhere when you retire? In other words, what is your Cool Ranch?

Many retirees will continue to value contribution after they retire.  Take some time to consider what unique trait you have to offer your family, friends or community, and put together a plan to make a difference.   A successful retirement plan includes far more than just ensuring you have enough money.  Taking what you are really good at and being intentional about putting it to use for grandchildren, friends or a part-time job will give you an abundant retirement.

You will also notice that Cool Ranch Lay’s are only available for a limited time.  I would imagine they will stick around for good if they become wildly popular.  Treat your retirement Cool Ranch experiment the same way.  Give it a try with no obligation, and see what happens!


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