Money Monday!

Which Movie to Watch? There is an APP for that. 


Truly comprehensive financial advice takes a hard look at the human being behind the investment account and considers lifestyle factors.

In other words, let’s lighten it up a little bit.  This week, I’ve decided to share some tips on picking the right to movie watch when you finally get a chance to settle down with your family after a hard week at work.

I don’t know about you, but picking a movie in our household can sometimes be more stressful than watching “Cape Fear“ or “The Shining.“  With this in mind, I did some research to see if there is a solution to our problem, and of course… there is an app for that. There are actually a few. Below you will find my reviews on three movie-picking apps:


Queue-  Queue asks you which streaming services you have, and it gives you the top-rated movies from each of those services. It’s pretty cool, but I thought it was a bit overly simple and basic.  It does do a good job of helping you know what is available based on your streaming services without much work on your part.


Taste-  This one was my favorite. First, it provides movie titles and asks you if you’ve seen them,  If you have, you rate them from “awful” gradually up to “amazing.”


After that, it also asks which streaming services you use, and then picks titles based on your taste and the movies available to you.  As you watch movies, you rate them, and it builds out your profile for future movie recommendations.


Likewise-  I didn’t check this one out, but Likewise helps you select both books and movies.  I’ve been devouring books lately, and the more I read, the longer my to-read list seems to get. So, book selection isn’t a problem for me. 


I hope you find this helpful, and it allows your relaxing movie time to be… actually relaxing.